THe Rev. mary ann harris siefke

             Recently, one of my cousins shared a social media memory from seven years ago.  The memory was a picture taken at a backyard barbeque at her home.  The picture was of 12 of my 22 first cousins and I, on my Mother’s side.  Did you follow that?  Above the memory my cousin wrote, “It’s about time to do this again!”  To which many replied, “Yes, it is!”

As I reflect on this picture of thirteen people, all grinning from ear to ear and a little sunburned, I realize that we are all incredibly different from one another.  We have varied skills, a variety of gifts, and live in vastly different places.  However, our shared experiences, and our love for one another unite us.  We just happen to, more often than not, “unite” for backyard barbeques. 

It’s tempting to think that the best part of backyard barbeques is the hamburgers, hotdogs, or bratwurst.  However, the best part about backyard barbeques is the endless number of seating opportunities.  Anything goes from picnic tables to lawn chairs, blankets etc. 

This means, there’s always room for more! 

This summer, on the last evening of Vacation Bible School, Thursday July 11th, beginning at 6:30pm, St. Luke is hosting a backyard barbeque! Not really the backyard… but the pavilion.  The evening will feature the famous slip and slide and cake walk.  So come, bring a side to share, invite a neighbor and a friend.  Come share in the laughter, storytelling, and fun because there’s always room for more.  


Pastor Mary Ann