THe Rev. mary ann harris siefke

On October 20th I was ready to put up a Christmas tree in my home. 

As I shared this thought on social media mostly for laughs several of my family members and friends commented that it was simply too soon. 

However a few brave souls commented, “I’m ready, too...”

There is just something about a tree, real or fake, beautifully decorated with lights and bulbs... Christmas Trees radiate warmth, joy, and beauty. 

They create a sense of calm and contentment at the end of a long day. Christmas trees shift the focus from brokenness to beauty. 

I was ready to experience all of this on October 20th

One short month or less of a Christmas tree is simply not enough! 

One short month of warmth, joy, beauty, calm, and contentment is simply not enough for anyone.

I’m not advocating for Christmas Trees in October. However, I won’t judge. I’m also not ready to skip all of the holidays between now and Christmas. 

But something is stirring within me. 

Something is stirring my soul toward Christmastime. 

That something is the Holy Spirit

and that stirring in my soul is a longing for peace.


Peace is what this broken world longs for.

Peace is what creation cries for. 

Peace is what every human relationship strives for

and never fully achieves... 

But on Christmas Eve night, if even for one hour, we find peace. 

We find peace in the light of a beautifully decorated Christmas Tree and in the presence of the Holy Trinity. 

On that first Christmas Eve night the Prince of Peace was born. 

This year, may the Prince of Peace be born in all our hearts and may the Holy Spirit continue to stir peace deep within our souls.

The Rev. Mary Ann Harris Siefke