Retirement of Dale Shaner

After 18 years as custodian and sexton, Dale Shaner has decided to “really retire." Dale has worked long and hard, to maintain our church. Sunday, February 18, 2018, St. Luke Lutheran Church celebrated his retirement with a Litany of Thanksgiving, Retirement and Blessing. 

Dale, we thank you for committing yourself, your time, and your talents, to the position of custodian at St. Luke Lutheran Church. We thank you for carrying out your ministry in accordance with the holy scriptures and with the confessions of the Lutheran church and in harmony with the constitutions of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. May you continue to be diligent in your study of the holy scriptures and faithful in your use of the means of grace and in prayer. May you continue to grow in love for this congregation and it’s neighbors. May you continue to be clothed with the gospel of Jesus Christ your whole life long.